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1996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve

Sale price: $US 3,150.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Body Type:Convertible
Drive Type:RWD
Engine:3.8L V6 12V
Number of Cylinders:6
Exterior Color:Green
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Sub Model:2dr Convertible
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Gray
Trim:1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Pacific Green Clearcoat Metallic (000)
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Interior Color:Gray
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1996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 1
1996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 21996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 31996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 41996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 51996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 61996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 71996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 81996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 91996 Ford Mustang Used Convertible 3.8L V6 12VL Gasoline Automatic 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Pristine No Reserve photo 10

Owner description

[hidden information]
125 E Sunrise Blvd
Ft Lauderdale Florida 33[hidden information]
1996 Ford Mustang Convertible Clean Carfax Outstanding Condition Florida Ice Cold Air Conditioning Solid Mechanically No Leaks Roof Like New No Reserve
Vehicle Information
1FALP4441TF[hidden information]
Pacific Green Clearcoat Metallic (000)
3.8L V6 12V
Hello thank you for stopping by our "No Reserve" auction for this clean Carfax history, outstanding, pristine, 1996 Ford Mustang convertible. Previously owned by a retiree who absolutely loved and cared for it as evidenced by the outstanding original condition. This car is phenomenal. The 3.8L, Fuel Injected, V6 engine is solid, smooth and runs strong. The engine is mated to a smooth shifting, solid automatic, transmission that shifts right on time. As you can see in the many detailed photos taken, the "Pacific Green" clear coat metallic exterior shines like the Florida sun. Drove so well. No mechanical issues. No leaks, no water leaks, roof is in excellent, like new, condition. Ice cold air conditioning. On the inside, the, "Gray" interior is clean and in amazing condition for the year, no rips or tears! Rare to find one this nice! Irreplaceable, original, on a scale of 1-10, I consider this one to be an 11 1/2! Features, upgraded exhaust system, 17" Eagle alloy wheels in outstanding condition, tilt steering wheel with controls, 4-wheel disc brakes, rear defogger, tachometer, owner's manuals, power windows, power locks, cruise, automatic transmission, 3.8L, V6 engine, service records, power convertible top in good working condition, car cover, front end bra, detachable faceplate CD stereo with remote control, USB, dash pad cover, previous high-end stereo system, cup holders, power & manual driver seat, metal pedals, interior trunk release, clean Carfax and more! High bidder wins it! Ask any questions you may have. We do not sell water or flood damaged vehicles. We can get you financed, pre-approval only. We want your trade and will pay you top dollar for it! Please contact us 48 hours prior to the auctions end. Send your V.I.N.# and photos to the following email address. All of our vehicles are sold with clean titles. Our titles are free and clear of any and all liens. At the time of delivery, we will include any extra keys/remotes that we received for this automobile when we purchased it. We also use our detailed pictures as a physical description as well so look at them closely. Pre-sale inspections are welcomed. Read our "terms and conditions" below. Please be realistic in your expectations. If you have any questions about this or any of my other auctions or would like a "buy it now" price through EBAY, please feel free to contact me, Avi Fraser, via e-mail at [hidden information] or, you can call me, in the office, at [hidden information]. We are always open to negotiate and 4 SURE we will make a deal with you!! Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our location at Rolling wheels 125 E. Sunrise Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33304. We are open, M-F, 9am-5pm. Sat. 9am-4pm. Closed Sunday and holidays.
Vehicle History Report™ 1996 FORD MUSTANG
VIN: 1FALP4441TF[hidden information]
3.8L V6 F
No accidents or damage reported to CARFAX 4 Previous owners 11 Service history records Types of owners: Rental, Personal Last owned in Florida 115,149 Last reported odometer reading

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