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1995 Toyota Starlet Used 1.3 L TurboL Manual Gasoline GT Turbo 5 Speed-Right Hand Drive-JDM

Sale price: $US 12,500.00
Last update: 24.09.2020
Car location: Tampa, Florida, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Options:CD Player
Engine:1.3 L Turbo
Number of Cylinders:4
Disability Equipped:No
Power Options:Power Windows, Air Conditioning, Power Locks
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Interior Color:Gray
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FWD
Exterior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clean
Trim:GT Turbo 5 Speed-Right Hand Drive-JDM
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

VIN # EP[hidden information] (Vin# is not 17 digit & that is why there are 000...etc. in the Vin box)
1995 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo 5 Speed JDM-Right Hand Drive
The Starlet is in Excellent Condition (for its age) , You wont find another one NICER!Everything Works (power windows, power locks, power mirrors, AC blows cold,...etc.) has "ZERO LEAKS"Needs nothing mechanically, Interior is perfect (no rips or tears)Would not hesitate to drive this car from Florida to CaliforniaI have more pics and video for serious buyerThe Starlet would make great daily driver or weekend driver (especially going to car shows due to its rarity and how well it shows)
This 1995 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo was sold new in Japan and waspurchased by the seller out of Texas.The car features a turbocharged 1.3L inline-four paired with a five-speed manual transaxle and is finished in metallic black over gray. Features include 15″ aftermarket wheels, adjustable Blitz coil overswith front camber plates, an HKS blow-off valve, and a Fujitsubo exhaust system. During current ownership the car has received an engine oil change as well as four new tires and an alignment. This Starlet is now offered with a clean Florida title in the seller’s name.
The Starlet GT Turbo features a rear hatch spoiler as well as a functional hood scoop for the top-mount intercooler. The model was updated in 1992 with new bumpers and rear lights, while a 1994 revision brought quad-round headlights in body-colored housings. This example is finished in metallic black, and the tops of the fenders and driver’s door have been repainted. A 24″ crack is present on the right side of the windscreen about 3/4 of the way up its height.(I have a source for windshield)
The car is equipped with Blitz adjustable coil oversand front camber plates, as well as a set of aftermarket sway bars and Project Mu brake pads. Aftermarket 15″ alloys were fitted with 195/50 Antares Ingens A1 tires during current ownership, with an alignment conducted thereafter.
The cabin is trimmed in gray cloth upholstery and features patterned seat and door panel inserts. Additions include checkerboard-pattern floor mats and aftermarket pedal covers,quick release NGR steering wheel and the car is equipped with air conditioning as well as a JDM aftermarket stereo. A trio of aftermarket gauges are mounted above the center stack, and a boost gauge is installed to the right of the instrument cluster.
An aftermarket front sway bar is accompanied by strut tower cross bars visible in the engine bay and rear hatch.
The factory cluster includes a 180-km/h speedometer, a 9k-rpm tachometer, and gauges for fuel level, coolant temperature, turbo timer, and turbocharger boost. Approximately 170k kilometers (~106k miles) are shown, 1,000 kilometers of which the seller has driven.
Power is provided by a 1,331cc 4E-FTE inline-four with a CT9 turbocharger and a top-mount intercooler. Factory-rated output was 133 horsepower, and drive is sent to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transaxle. An HKS blow-off valve and a Fujitsubo exhaust system were fitted under prior ownership. The seller serviced the car with an oil and filter change about 300 kilometers ago. An under hoodsticker indicates that the last timing belt service was performed at around 100k kilometers.
Location:Tampa, FloridaChassis: EP[hidden information]170977 Kilometers (~106k MilesTurbocharged 1.3L Inline-Four5-Speed ManualMetallic BlackGray ClothBlitz CoiloversCamber PlatesFujitsubo Exhaust SystemHKS Blow-Off ValveNew TiresOil/Filter ServicePrivate Party
Below is a YouTubeof the car
A test-drive video may be viewed above, and videos of the stereo and an engine cold-start are presented.

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