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1991 Honda NSX Used

Sale price: $US 62,950.00
Last update: 20.10.2021
Car location: Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“This Car Is In Great Condition Especially For A 30 Year Old Car! Extremely Rare Right Hand Drive Import! We Have Several Videos We Can Text You 203-592-2478 Or Send us Your Email Address And We Will Email Them To You! There Are Several More Pictures On Our Website”
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1991 Honda NSX Used photo 1
1991 Honda NSX Used photo 21991 Honda NSX Used photo 3

Owner description

Classic And Specialty Cars Are Shown by
Appointment Only. Please Do Not Just Show Up At The Dealership Without An
Appointment As The Vehicles Are Not At The Dealership. Please Call [hidden information]
For An Appointment To See The Car. We Have VideosOn You Tube Of The Car Running. If links Do Not Work We Can
Text [hidden information] Or Send Us Your Email Address So We Can Email Them To You. Here Are Links To You Tube Videos
You Are Looking At An Imported Right Hand
Drive 1991 Honda NSX With Just 85,829 Kilometers Which Is 53,331 Miles! WOW
Super Low Miles Especially For A Honda! This Is First Year Of The NSX Which Is An Extremely Rare Car That Will
Only Go Up In Value! Definitely A Solid Investment! Hope You Like Attention
Cause You Cant Go Anywhere Without Someone Giving Thumbs Up Or Asking
Questions…Especially When You Get Out Of The Passenger Seat! Ebay Will Not Let Us List With The Import Vin Number. Here Is The Import Vin Number NA[hidden information]
This Car Runs Excellent And Is A Lot Of Fun
To Drive! The Engine Sounds Great With No Funny Noises Or Smoke. There Are No
Leaks. The Transmission Shifts Perfect With No Slippage Or Chatter. The Only
Thing Is You Must Drive With The Traction Control Off Or It Will Not Go Over 35
MPH Ish. We Were Told That Is Because There Are Different Size Tires And Wheels
On The Car So The Computer Does Not Let You Go Over A Certain Speed. There Is
Also Minor Tire Rub When Cutting The Wheel Full Turn. The Rear Wheels Are 18”
And The Front Are 17”. The New Wheels
Look Way Better Than The Factory Wheels So It’s A Good Trade Off.
The Paint And Body Are In Great Condition!
The Paint Is Nice And Flat! Its Not A Wavy Bondo Filled Car! There Is No Rust
What So Ever! Definitely A Garage kept Car All Its Life! We Did Find A Spot
Touched Up Down Low On Left Side Rocker Panel Of Car. Look At The Pictures This
Car Looks Better Than A lot Of Exotics That Cost Way More! We Also Have A Few
Videos Up Close Showing The Flaws We Can Text You [hidden information] Or Send Us Your
Email And We Will Email Them To You.
The Interior Is In Very Good Condition! The
Rugs, Dash, Headliner, Door Panels Are
All In Excellent Condition! The Seats Are Also In Good Condition However The
Drivers Seat Bolster Does Show Some Wear. Al Gauges Are Working, The
Aftermarket Radio Works Great, Power Windows Work Great, The AC Blows Cold, The Heat Works Great, The
Pop Up Lights Function Properly And The Windshield Wipers Work! The Only Thing
We Found Not Working On The Interior Is The Power Locks. Otherwise Everything
Seems To Be Working As It Should!
The Undercarriage Looks Just As Good As The
Rest Of The Car! NO Rust What So Ever! Hard To Believe This Car Is 30 Years
Are Selling This Car As Is No Warranty. Sorry It Is 30 Years Old! We Reserve The
Right To End The Auction Early As It Is For Sale Locally. We Have A South
Carolina Title So You Will Have No
Issues Registering This Vehicle! A $500 Non Refundable Deposit Is Due At
Auctions End. We Will Not Refund Your Deposit If You Change Your Mind, Your
Spouse Wont Let You Buy It, Your Dog Ate Your Money, You Accidentally Hit Buy
It Now (Impossible As Other Steps However People Have Tried To Say It Happened
Despite Having Many More Steps To Send The Deposit) Etc... Sorry Ebay Does Not
Refund Listing Fees. If You Make A Offer We Will Automatically Decline The
Offer As If We Accept It Will End Our Auction Without Giving Us A Deposit. If
We Accept Your Offer We Will Change The Buy It Now To Your Offer After Declining
It. Sorry This Is The Only Way To Protect Ourselves Form Non Paying Buyers.
Shipping Is The Buyers Responsibility. We Will Assist Your Shipper The Best We
Can. If You Do Not Have A Shipper We Can Refer One. Final Payment Due Within 3
Business Days. We Accept Bank Checks ( Out Of State Bank Checks Can Take Up To
10 Business Days To Clear) Wire Transfers (Clear The Same Day) And Cash In
Person. Good Luck Bidding!

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1991 Honda NSX in Waterbury, Connecticut, United States
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1991 Honda NSX

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