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1990 Toyota Hilux LN106r 4x4 dualcab turbocharged Diesel

Sale price: $AU 8,500.00
Last update: 24.10.2020
Car location: bairnsdale, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:4x4
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Cylinders:4 cyl 2.8 3L
Drive Type:4WD
Fuel Type:turbo diesel
Body Type:Dual Cab
:“Selling as is , ran out of registration, Been sitting for 6 months , windscreen needs replacing . One rust spot on Lower drivers door. Average paint. Good fun capable fourby . Onboard air compressor , AXT turbocharger, Mickey Thompson allow wheels inc spare w 33” BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres , 25% tread. Wheel arch flares ,4” Lift , greaseable pins & 2" extended shackles , 1" spacer & drop drag link , extended braided brake lines .130l long range fueltank . 2x lightbars & spot & spread HID Spotties , tub and canopy ,38l Engel fridge/freezer. have a changeover alloy tray with rollbar and rooftop tent available, no trailer inc . Manual 5speed ,Dual battery system , snorkel , TJM Bullbar & winch .alloy Slider side steps ,steel rearbar, pioneer Headunit , 40ch CB . Sports wheel , ssports bucket seat . Roofmount , no spotlight inc. 2.5m side awning with zip on flyscreen room and canvas walls . Lots to mention. Regrettable sale. $8500 as is 0459674380.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Selling as is , ran out of registration, windscreen needs replacing . One rust spot on Lower drivers door.Onboard air compressor & 25 lt pressure tank underbody, AXT garrett turbocharger, Mickey Thompson alloy wheels inc spare w 33” BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres , 25% tread. Wheel arch flares ,4” Lift , extended shackles , extended shocks, adjustable torsion bar , Adjustable drop steering link , 130lt fuel cell, Lightbars & spot & spread HID Spotties , tub and canopy ,38l Engel fridge/freezer.( might take that out).Also have an easily exchangeable alloy tray with sides, rollbar and rooftop tent, neg.Manual 5speed ,Electronic Dual battery system ,solar trickle charge ,Safari snorkel , TJM Bullbar & winch . Slider side steps ,rearbar, pioneer Headunit 2x6x9 , 40ch UHF .Sports wheel , ssports bucket seats . Roofmount (no spotlight inc). 2.5m side awning with zip on flyscreen room and canvas walls .Lots to mention. Years of accumulation to customise one bad ass Hilux really Only needs some tlc Regrettable sale,recently new all 4 extended shock absorbers , clutch master cyl & slave , smokey LED tail lights , door handle , window assy. Some spares like new standard shackles , Spare injector Timing pump .$8500 the lot . [hidden information].Would consider a Trade for a decent Unfinished project bus/motorhome.

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