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1989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm

Sale price: $AU 16,500.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Lockleys, SA, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
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1989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 1
1989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 21989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 31989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 41989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 51989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 61989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 71989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 81989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 91989 Toyota soarer z20 Mz20 gz20 7mgte auto 3 litre turbo supra jdm photo 10

Owner description

For sale is my 1989 Toyota soarerHas 7mgte engine which is a 3 litre turbo automatic transmissionRuns and drives great176,000kmsBody and paint holds up well but isn’t perfect but definitely respectable enough to daily as isInterior is quite neat for its ageHas 3 piece volk racing wheelsIs all original except for cat back exhaust, has 90s spec tune with hks fuel cut defender and boost tThese z20 soarers are getting extremely hard to find Especially in Australia at the moment I have t been able to fine another one on any site so don’t miss your opportunity to own a part of jdm history might be your last chance
Can also assist with transport for interstate buyers at there own expense at a reasonable price

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