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1985 Toyota Crown Royale 2.8

Sale price: $AU 3,100.00
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: Gembrook, VIC, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

This is a rare find. These cars were a match for Mercedes when they came out with all the go fast extras plus a large engine and beautiful suspension, which is why they make great touring classics that are no fuss to own.This double overhead cam Crown in original condition with all electrics, etc. working perfectly and with a new radiator and alternator fitted will be a good investment and enjoyable to own.The paintwork is ok for its age, is thin but still has a good gloss and no rust at all. The interior is beautiful with the seats in excellent condition, vinyl showing no cracks and headlining in very good condition. The auto works well and engine runs smoothly and pulls effortlessly but remember it is an engine that's done 300K so its not new.All panels are straight and it even has an owners manual and what looks like the original white wall spare.This is a good starter classic and happy for inspections. The reserve is below the market price for one in this condition.

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