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1978 Mercedes-benz S-Class Used 3.5 litre fuel injected V8L Automatic Gasoline 350 SE W116 sedan Sedan

Sale price: $US 25,000.00
Last update: 6.07.2021
Car location: Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine:3.5 litre fuel injected V8
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
Number of Cylinders:8
Sub Model:350 SE W116 sedan
Interior Color:Dark Blue MB-tex, check cloth seat & door inserts
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Gray-blue metallic (code #
Trim:350 SE W116 sedan
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
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1978 Mercedes-benz S-Class Used 3.5 litre fuel injected V8L Automatic Gasoline 350 SE W116 sedan Sedan photo 1
1978 Mercedes-benz S-Class Used 3.5 litre fuel injected V8L Automatic Gasoline 350 SE W116 sedan Sedan photo 21978 Mercedes-benz S-Class Used 3.5 litre fuel injected V8L Automatic Gasoline 350 SE W116 sedan Sedan photo 3

Owner description

Mercedes Benz
350 SE
Very original presenting, darling example of a W116 350 SE sedan!
is a truly lovely European specification Mercedes 350SE sedan. Finished in "Gray-Blue" metallic (code: 906) with Navy MB-tex and Mercedes check cloth inserts, the car
presents in stunning and certainly way above average condition.
The most welcomed aspect to these Euro spec cars is the streamlined bumpers and
rectangular headlights which are indeed a great welcome over the very obtrusive
(and ugly) North American type bumpers and silly (and even more ugly) round
The car was owned by a senior Mercedes enthusiast in
Colorado for the last 7 years but was a Californian
& Texan car for most of its life so it is without any rust anywhere,
including the underside which is entirely scale free.
The car has had 3 owners (first in California and then Texas) who added most of the mileage as a town
commuter. Recently serviced and all in working order. Mechanically the car is in
top shape with no known issues. Just a quick look under the hood is testament
to how well this Mercedes has been maintained.
Body and paint is excellent. The car is
accident free and the paint appears to be mostly original but for the right
rear quarter near the gas cap which had a blend. The entire car is very shiny and consistent with only minor
chips here and there but nothing glaringly so. There is no crazing or cracks in
the paint anywhere.
The interior is in superb condition. She is in great shape
with no noticeable wear & tear on the seats, door panels, the MB-Tex finishes, carpets and headliner. The seats themselves
are in excellent condition without any degradation of the
"horse-hair" padding. The cloth seating is in almost perfect
condition to the extent you would think it was brand new. It is not and indeed
all original. The dash does have a few
of the typical cracks but a top-line dash cap is fitted and does so with such
perfection, it is hard to tell it is not original. The wood has minimal fading,
no lifting or peeling and presents extremely well. Have a close look at the buttons and switch gear; they are
all in good condition. The car sports its original Becker radio which is always a nice touch.
I was wanting to fit matching cloth rear-seat headrests. I have one original cloth unit
(which you will see in some of the photos) and all the hardware, along with the required quantity of new old stock matching fabric. Please let me
know if you would want me to finish the exercise for a small additional cost.
The trunk is super clean with its original carpet and additional rubber mat in
good condition. She is also a non-smoker car so clean and sweet.
The car presents with all its original features operating; electric windows, door locks,
antenna, original Becker radio, A/C, heater, interior and exterior lights.
Tyres are brand new, fitted on original MB chromed
alloy wheels. I am usually not a big fan of these chromed wheels but believe
they "work" on this car. Should you wish to switch to silver alloys
or hubcaps, I can assist you in supplying and fitting either. A set of Mercedes
mud-flaps with white logos finish off this example nicely, I think. These can easily
be removed if they are "not you".
Mechanically, the car is very strong. She starts without hesitation, idles well both cold & hot, doesn't blow any smoke, accelerates with good power, drives smooth without any bumps nor rattles, changes gears on call & smoothly, and stops straight & sure. She simply drives as a Mercedes W116 should.
Not much more can be said but to invite you to
take a close look at the many, many photos of this great Mercedes 350 SE sedan. Truly
in excellent condition, not a show-car but an absolutely beautiful and mouth-watering example nonetheless. Surely
amongst one of the better examples available for sale today.
see many additional photos at this link here:
Click HERE to see additional photos!
Short walk-around and test drive video
Click HERE to watch VIDEO
Please see many additional photos at this link here:Click HERE to see additional photos!
Short walk-around and test drive video
Click HERE to watch VIDEO
read auction terms and conditions below BEFORE bidding.**
This Mercedes is part of a private collection. Although licensed
and bonded, I am not a main-stream retail car dealer or broker; I am a
professional car collector of some 30 years with considerable experience and
knowledge of British cars. I have a long standing reputation being associated
with the Rolls-Royce marque which I take seriously. I take pride in my cars and
have fun in collecting and restoring them. However, auctions are not a game so
when you place a bid or offer, and you are the winning bidder, please understand
you have entered a binding contract. You cannot bid and win the auction and
expect not to meet the terms and conditions. Bidding and/or winning does not
mean you are expecting me to “hold” the car until you have the opportunity to
inspect it. Any inspection contemplated should be undertaken BEFORE you bid or
make an offer and I openly welcome any potential buyer to come and personally
inspect the car. Once you bid or make an offer, you are doing so to buy WITHOUT
conditions. Your bid can not be subject to anything. A $2000.00 deposit
(non-refundable) is required within 24 hours of the close of the auction and
payable by PayPal. The balance of funds are required within 7 days of the close
of the auction and must be provided by cashier’s check or bank wire. I cannot
accept PayPal for the balance unless you are willing to meet the cost of
transfer fees. Full payment must be made (and payments cleared) before the
title and/or the vehicle is released. All payments are non-refundable. Payments
as described above form an important part of this purchase contract and so, if
all the funds are not received as outlined above, I reserve the right to
terminate the transaction without notice. If there has been any deposit or
other part payments received and I elect to terminate the contract, I reserve
the right to keep any such deposits or payments and resell the vehicle to
another bidder or interested party or re-list the vehicle at any time. To be
clear, if you change your mind for ANY reason and do not complete the transaction
in the time-frame required, you will forfeit your deposit. I am happy to assist
with shipping arrangements on a national and worldwide basis but the winning
bidder takes full responsibility for pickup and/or shipping and at his cost.
a collector and experienced restorer of a range of classic cars, I make every
effort to bring my cars to a high standard. By comparison, my cars are
generally superior to others available but they are by no means perfect. You
must expect some issues. Unless specifically stated, the car is not of show
standard but of nice "driver" condition. Please understand, show cars
cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve and sell for prices
commensurate, so the sale price of this car reflects its relative condition.
You are buying "condition" accordingly. Buyers should not expect to
receive concours quality or "perfect" cars at these prices. Please
also understand it is not always possible to attend to every item, or perhaps I
may have inadvertently overlooked items. Further, and very importantly, these
cars are not new. So this means a 38 year old car is predominantly comprised of
38 year old parts. And old parts will fail. All buyers must understand and
expect that things can or will wear out, break and/or stop functioning without
notice. This is even more likely with hand-built English cars of early
technology when compared to the typical American car of the same vintage.
Suspension and brakes on these cars are complex. We thoroughly check them and
replace things that are identified faulty. But please understand, by example;
if we change a brake line because it appears aged or faulty, we do NOT at the
same time replace all other hoses because they are of similar age. This is
considered "preventative maintenance". We do not do this unless
specifically requested and is not included in the purchase price. Feel free to
ask for this additional service. Further, a feature or function that is working
perfectly one moment, may decide to play-up the next. After all, it is some 38
years old. This is the nature of any used car and especially British cars. For
this reason it is necessary for the following condition:
vehicle is being sold "as-is/where-is" with no warranty expressed,
written or implied. Any descriptions or representations are made with
reasonable judgment and all efforts are made to ensure fair assessment and
accuracy but they are for descriptive and identification purposes only and are
not to be construed as a warranty of any type. The seller shall not be responsible
for errors in description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein and
makes no warranty in connection therewith. If any aspect of the description
contradicts what can be seen in the photos, then the photos shall prevail as
the reference point. No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any
incorrectness, unforeseen imperfection, defect or damage. It is the
responsibility of the buyer to have satisfied himself as to the condition and
value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. The seller shall and will
make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects at the buyer’s
request prior to the close of the auction. Seller assumes no responsibility for
any repairs regardless of any written or oral statements about the vehicle.
Being a classic car in excess of 10 years of age, in most US states, the
mileage may be recorded as “exempt”. In this regard the seller makes no
warranties as to the accuracy of the mileage indicated or shown. I can hold the
vehicle up to 30 days while you arrange shipping but you must immediately
insure it. I will not bear any responsibility for any additional costs
including storage, transportation, or repair after the close of the auction.
Whereas I am happy to store the car in excess of 30 days from auction end, a
cost of $35 per day shall apply beyond 30 days of auction end. Also, you must
remember that this is a 38 year old vehicle, and while it is up to you, I do
not recommend that you just “hop in and drive it across the country” until you
have familiarised yourself with the car. At least, I have never done that. I
have always professionally transported the cars in enclosed carriers from where
I bought them to my home.
am sorry if these terms seem harsh but there seem to be some very unrealistic
buyers out there - fortunately, only few of these people exist but those that
do can make life difficult, so it appears EVERYTHING needs to spelled out. Very
simply put, this is an old car being offered for sale. It is not new and is
subject to the perils of age. Further, Jaguars are not without nuances,
idiosyncrasies and they are renown for a host of design issues which can make
them not inexpensive to maintain. So, please respect the terms and conditions
when you bid.

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Watch video: The very first Mercedes S-Class W116 FULL REVIEW 350 SE V8 1979 - Autogefühl

Get more info about the 1978 Mercedes-benz S-Class Used 3.5 litre fuel injected V8L Automatic Gasoline 350 SE W116 sedan Sedan. Watch useful videos about such car.
This is our in-depth review of the Mercedes S-Class W116. We're taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience. Transparency note: Autogefühl ...

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