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1977 Triumph Stag 3.0L V8 Auto. Only 32,000kms Immaculate

Sale price: $AU 47,000.00
Last update: 28.10.2021
Car location: Lane Cove, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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1977 Triumph Stag 3.0L V8 Auto. Only 32,000kmsBeautiful Triumph Stage V8. 3.0L V81977 Last year of the StagVin: LD43947HEAAuto transmissionOnly 32,000kmsFactory HardtopSoftcopy alsoOwners ManualsRecent NSW Roadworthy with Historic RegoFactory Right Hand DriveNo rustBig money spent on this StagNew Radiator ReconditionedNew Electric Thermo fan fittedNew Water pump replacedNew crankshaft reground 0.20 thou underNew timing chains (English) + Guides and tensionersNew oil pumpNew oil sealsL/H Cyl Head surface ground, Cyl head bolts replacedAll valves lappedNew Stainless steel ExhaustNew BW 65 Transmission inhibitor switchNew R/H rear wheel Cyl and brake hose (Goodwood)Spin on oil filter modificationNew SU Electric fuel pump solid state electronicNew Hi Beam light unitsNew SpotlightsNew oil pressure gaugeNew BW 65 Transmission serviceNew BatteryLuggage boot rackDeep red duco in immaculate conditionFactory Power SteeringHeight adjustable seatsBrand New trim and carpets throughoutBrand New Wheels and tyres. Originals still availableTemperature always runs cools even on hot daysSony StereoBeautiful Stag inside and outAmazing to driveAppreciating in valueCall Rob0412 165 916Lane Cove NSW 2066

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