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1977 Lincoln Continental Used Coupe 460ci V8L Gasoline Automatic Mark V only 19k Miles Absolutely Gorgeous!

Sale price: $US 5,100.00
Last update: 16.10.2020
Car location: Lakeland, Florida, United States
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Body Type:Coupe
Engine:460ci V8
Exterior Color:White
Number of Cylinders:8
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Red
Trim:Mark V only 19k Miles Absolutely Gorgeous!
Vehicle Title:Clear
Manufacturer Exterior Color:White
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Interior Color:Red
:“Amazing Example”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

[hidden information]
611 Alicia Rd
Lakeland Florida 33801
1977 LINCOLN Continental
Vehicle Information
7Y89A[hidden information]
460ci V8
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Remarkable 1977 Lincoln ContinentalMark V SeriesVery rare Versallies interiorPowered by a 460ci V8 EnginePaired with 3 Speed Automatic Transmission19,828 Actual MilesWhite Exterior & Red InteriorWhite Vinyl TopPower SteeringPower BrakesPower WindowsPower LocksPlush Velour Power Adjustable SeatsAM/FM Stereo8-Track PlayerOriginal Michelin X TiresStunning Example!Runs and Drives Amazing!
Feel free to call us anytime!7 Days a week!Financing available!Call Danat[hidden information]SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PICTURES!
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[hidden information]
611 Alicia Rd
Lakeland Florida 33801
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: 21857
VIN Number: 7Y89A[hidden information]
Model: Continental
Model Year: 1977
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Red
Vehicle Trim: Mark V
Fuel Type: Gasoline
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611 Alicia Rd
Lakeland Florida 33801
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Remarkable 1977 Lincoln ContinentalMark V SeriesVery rare Versallies interiorPowered by a 460ci V8 EnginePaired with 3 Speed Automatic Transmission19,828 Actual MilesWhite Exterior & Red InteriorWhite Vinyl TopPower SteeringPower BrakesPower WindowsPower LocksPlush Velour Power Adjustable SeatsAM/FM Stereo8-Track PlayerOriginal Michelin X TiresStunning Example!Runs and Drives Amazing!

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Watch video: 1977 Lincoln Continental For Sale

Get more info about the 1977 Lincoln Continental Used Coupe 460ci V8L Gasoline Automatic Mark V only 19k Miles Absolutely Gorgeous!. Watch useful videos about such car.
To see over 100 pictures of this car visit 1977 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL Vin: ...

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