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1977 Honda Civic Used Automatic Hatchback

Sale price: $US 16,000.00
Last update: 2.11.2020
Car location: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Body Type:Hatchback
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“This beautiful 1977 Honda Civic was stored for approximately 25 years before being re-licensed. It was repainted in 2013. Engine was new just prior to storage, and it runs and drives as it should. It needs a little bit of upholstery work on the drivers seat.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Just in time for the most unique Christmas gift ever.
This cute little Honda Civic Hatchback is a real head turner.
Mechanically it is sound. The engine is good. The cars runs and drives as it should for a 43 year old car. It is stored in a heated garage and is kept covered.
This car is a completely stock original.
Although these cars were quite common back in the 1970's the first generation Honda Civics have all but disappeared from our roads. They commonly had a rust problem and most did not survive.
This car is rust free and solid and is a true survivor.
It was repainted in 2013, and the brakes and engine were serviced. It needs nothing except a small bit of upholstery work on the drivers seat.
Arranging shipping, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. I will try to assist the purchaser as much as possible.
$2000 deposit is required to secure the sale
I converted the kilometers (in picture) to miles for the purpose of this listing.

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1977 Honda Civic in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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