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1976 Volvo 240 Used

Sale price: $US 1,500.00
Last update: 21.06.2021
Car location: Nipomo, California, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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1976 Volvo 240 Used photo 1

Owner description

Volvo 262 GL only 3329 cars were built 1[hidden information].
Rare model, stock paint, one owner car.
Serial number 834 out 3329 made.
First owner kept it until 2 years ago, she got engine problem and parked it 20 years ago.
Engine and transmission is missing, came with a V6 and automatic.Passenger seat is missing.
Stock paint no bondo, only rust on the car is in the trunk.
Have sun roof, missing passenger seat.
Good solid project, build a resto mod with a modern drive train build back to original.
Rare Car not many left only 3329 made.
Have more photos,
I'm in Pismo Beach area Central Coast California.
Will work with overseas buyers.
Clean California title in my name, no back fees,
If you want a Volvo that's rare this is the one, only 3329 made during 3 years

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