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1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600

Sale price: $AU 14,500.00
Last update: 18.07.2021
Car location: Fyshwick, ACT, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Collector Cars
Body Type:Sedan
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Dealer
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1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600 photo 1
1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600 photo 21974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600 photo 3

Owner description

Launched in February 1973 and updated in November 1973 in South Africa, the"new 5-speed Fiat 124 Special T is the latest high performance model from Fiat. Based on the successful Fiat 124 Special, this model is fitted with the 1608cc Fiat twin-cam engine developing 96bhp and mated to an all new 5 speed gearbox withsynchromesh on all 5 forward gears. The dashboard featured a new 200km/h speedo and 8,000rpm tachometer. It also features power assisted disc brakes on all four coil sprung corners."Car Magazine November 1973.This particular car is very original, and had never been repainted when we bought her. The body was showing its age though and we have done the following so far:Complete "glass out / open door" repaint in original colour.This has all been documented with photos of the strip, paint and re-assemble; New Screen / door / boot / bonnet rubbers, new door weather strips and door handle gaskets;Front and rear bumpers re-chromed;Original steel wheels repainted and 4 new Continental tyres fitted;New centre bearing;New brake hoses all round;New OEM exhaust;New engine mountings;New sump gasket;New Cam-belt and tensioner;New water pump;New fuel gauge sender unit;New rear suspension rubbers fitted;New front suspension rubbers and ball joints come with the car but not fitted yet;New pinion seal on the diff; Overall the car is in really good shape. There will still be a few small things for the new owner to tinker with to make this a really nice show car.
Not many of these cars in Australia. Currently on NSW Club Rego which s not transferrable, so sold unregistered. We have a folder with all the necessary paperwork to go with the car.
Can assist with interstate shipping if required.

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1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600 in Fyshwick, ACT, Australia
price AU $18,500.00
1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600

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1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600 in Fyshwick, ACT, Australia
price AU $18,500.00
1974 FIAT 124 Special T 1600

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