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1973 Jaguar XKE Used V12L Automatic

Sale price: $US 33,500.00
Last update: 9.07.2021
Car location: Lebanon, Tennessee, United States
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Exterior Color:Other
Interior Color:Other
Vehicle Title:Clean
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1973 Jaguar XKE Used V12L Automatic photo 1
1973 Jaguar XKE Used V12L Automatic photo 21973 Jaguar XKE Used V12L Automatic photo 3

Owner description

Frazier Motorcar Company
[hidden information]
[hidden information]
1973 Jaguar XKE
3 Speed Automatic
Carmine Red
Restored XKE 2+2 12 cyl out of Jaguar collection.The car has over $100,000 in receipts for work performed on the car.The Jaguar collector that owned the car took expensive liberties with interior of the car.The seats and door panels have real Ostrich skin covers.The entry tunnels are covered in real suede leather.Every part of this car has been restored and touched.Unique finish that will make you the only one of a kind at a show.
The car shows no indication of accident or rust history.The body panels are straight and body gaps are even.
Review the pictures on the posting,if the car holds interest contact Jeff Frazier at [hidden information] or email [hidden information]
The car is located in our indoor facility 25 miles east of downtown Nashville Tn.Independent inspections are welcomed and encouraged.
This and other European Collectibles can be reviewed at
The $299 dealer doc fee will be included in a full price transaction.PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE; STATE, CITY, COUNTY TAXES, TITLE, LICENSE, REGISTRATION, OR SHIPPING.
We require a deposit of $1000 in 24 hours and ask that the car be paid in full within 3 days. Transport is paid for by the customer unless otherwise discussed with Frazier Motorcar Company, but Frazier Motorcar Company is happy to help arrange transportation. All cars are sold AS-IS and Independent Pre-purchase inspections are highly recommended.
201 Pryor Creek Road, Lebanon TN 37090
[hidden information]
[hidden information]
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