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1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack

Sale price: $AU 79,900.00
Last update: 13.04.2021
Car location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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For Sale by:Dealer
:“Nicely Restored 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye pack. 440ci Big Block v8, 4 speed manual with pistol grip shifter, rallye pack, power steering, power disk brakes and air conditioning! This a a nicely loaded muscle car in fantastic condition just waiting to find a home in your garage.”
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1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 1
1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 21973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 31973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 41973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 51973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 61973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 71973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 81973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 91973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Pack photo 10

Owner description

This is a nice example of a restored 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye pack. Running a fully rebuild 440ci big block V8 paired to a 4 speed manual this car certainly means business and is everything a muscle car should be. Also featuring power steering, power disk brakes and air conditioning. This car ticks a hell of a lot of boxes from most people’s muscle car wish lists.Restored in its Bright Blue Metallic paintwork with black vinyl roof, fender louvers and black stripes this is the same way the car would have looked when it left the factory. Externally the car presents very well, the paintwork shines brightly as does the chrome bumpers front and rear. The black vinyl roof is in good condition and is a nice contrast against the metallic blue paintwork. The car sits on a set of staggered Rallye style wheels with T/A tyres all round.Inside the car has been completely restored to original, and with the exception of the under dash air con unit, it looks how it would have when it left the factory. The black trim on the factory buckets seats is in very good condition as are the rear seats. The center console looks fantastic with the hurst 4 speed pistol grip shifter poking up through the top of it. The dash, gauges, headliner and carpets are all in good condition as you would expect of a car that had been fully restored like this.Decoding the original tags shows that the car has been restored to look the way it would have when it left the factory with the exception of the upgraded engine and air conditioning. The end result is a very nicely presented and well sorted muscle car that ticks a huge amount of boxes. 440ci big block V8, 4 speed manual with pistol shifter, power steer, power brakes and air conditioning. An awesome package all round that is ready for the new owner to get out and enjoy.NEW STOCK DROPS THE FIRST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH AND THE DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 8AM TO 2PM. OTHERWISE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY FOR GENUINE VEHICLE INQUIRIES/INSPECTIONS TUESDAY TO SATURDAY ALL OTHER TIMES, PLEASE CALL LOCKY MCCANN WITH INQUIRIES OR TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO VIEW ON [hidden information]Located at 2 Palings Court, Nerang on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Inspections by appointment only. We are also practising social distancing so please be mindful of the 1.5m rule.PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle is being sold on consignment, consignment vehicles are sold as is without registration unless otherwise stated and there is no cooling off period or warranty expressed written or implied by the consignee. Information is provided to us by the consignee and is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to purchase based upon that judgement solely.

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