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1972 Bmw 2002 Used

Sale price: $US 11,300.00
Last update: 24.04.2021
Car location: Beirut Lebanon, Lebanon

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

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BMW 2002 1972 Classic Car Tii Engine
Vehicle Information
VIN: [hidden information]
Title: Clean
Mileage:83,692 KM
Engine : Tii- SOHC inline-4, water-cooled, cast iron block and aluminum head Displacement. 121.4 in 3, 1990 cm Power. 140 hp @ 5800 rpm Torque. 130 lb-ft @ 4500 rp
Lot Location: Beirut,Lebanon
Year Imported : 1983
Shipping : North America - 1[hidden information]$ Depending on location / Europe [hidden information]$ - We will take care of the process of booking ,Loading and completing required documents in order to ship on behalf of final bidder .Video :
The BMW 2002 made its debut in 1968; a base model with a single carburetor developing just 101 hp, which was no real improvement over what the Datsun 510 was delivering, and a 2002Ti version fitted with twin Solex 40 carburetors and a higher compression engine delivering a useful 119 hp and a top speed of 115 mph. This gave the 2002Ti performance to match cars like the the Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII but in a four seater car with decent boot space. The car’s weight had increased to 2,300 lbs but the 2002Ti had the horses to pull those extra pounds around and deliver the performance drivers were looking for.
This 2002 has an upgraded engine Tii that offers great power behind the wheel , the car has been owned by 2 individuals with the same person owning the vehicle since 1983 when first imported into Lebanon .
The inside of the vehicle is leather in pristine condition , the car has been well kept and driven the past years .
The owner before selling painted the car , it has zero rust and is in Mint condition .
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Beirut Classic Car of Canadareserves the right to,
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Buyers Inspection: Beirut Classicshas done our best to disclose all information known about this vehicle for auction.Beirut Classicswelcomes a buyers inspection. If you plan to have a buyers inspection, please make sure you inspect the vehicle prior to the auction ending. Inspection fees if any are Buyers responsibility.
Representations and Warranties made by seller:This vehicle is being sold "as is". Manufacturer's warranties may still apply. Extended warranty may be available,emailorphone Mike on wats app 001-[hidden information] or [hidden information] for details. No representations or warranties are made by seller, nor are any representations or warranties relied upon by bidders in making bids.
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Finalizing your Purchase:
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At time of sending initial deposit, Buyer MUST email copy of their State issued valid Driver License. Furthermore, before said vehicle is released for shipment to Buyer, all other Sale related and title related paperwork must be.

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