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1971 Plymouth Road Runner Used

Sale price: $US 9,600.00
Last update: 23.04.2021
Car location: Sherburne, New York, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:Road Runner
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Project car needing complete restoration”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

This is an original 1971 Plymouth Road Runner sunroof car, one of 82 made. It needs a total restoration. No fender tag but has a pretty nice build sheet (in the pictures). Bench seat column shift automatic. Originally EL5 paint code (Bahama Yellow or Butterscotch) Good luck finding an original sunroof 71 Road Runner for sale if you pass on this one. Also has strato-vent ventilation which I have the correct unique heater box and unique under dash duct piece for the set-up, both in nice shape. Car also had rear bumper tape treatment and originally hood mounted turn signals but the original hood is long gone.14" rallye wheel car which I have 4 bare wheels that go with it, may have some trim rings, will have to look. If I have rings I will include them. I have an NOS sunroof switch, NOS sunroof seals, some extra sunroof hardware from a 71 Imperial sunroof car. Have 2 sunroof motors, one works perfect, the other not so perfect. Look at the pics. Again, this car needs total restoration. Please message me for more info. 6o[hidden information]. Have original numbers correct carb, 1971 383 block dated 8/14/70 (car was built 9/14/70),a pair of 440 heads, no exhaust manifolds, real nice correct dual snorkel air cleaner, all exterior chrome or close to it. If you like 71 B bodies and want to restore one that will be unique even at the larger car shows, here you go.Can send more pics, eBay only gives me so many. I am located in Sherburne, NY 13460. Delivery possible for a fee if not too far away after paid in full but that scenario would need to be discussed BEFORE auction end. This car comes with a transferable registration, NY does not title cars older than 1973. Transferable registration is considered the title for this car and proof of ownership, it has ownership transfer section on the back just like a title for newer cars. This is a true 383 Road Runner, not a clone or a tribute or a re-body, a true Road Runner sun roof car. May consider partial trade on Gas Dodge 3500 late 90s or early 2000s must be quad cab or 4dr and automatic in RELIABLE running and driving condition but needs to be discussed before the end of auction.
Buyer is responsible for 500 dollar deposit via Paypal immediately at auctions end. Balance to be paid when the car is picked up within 10 days of close of auction.Please contact me if you need to make arrangements different than this. This car is for sale locally also so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

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