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1970 Plymouth Duster Used

Sale price: $US 30,500.00
Last update: 12.11.2020
Car location: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

1970 Plymouth Duster (VL29G0B233xxx) factory 318c.i. car,
all numbers matching, extremely documented car, factory console automatic with
bucket seats, black vinyl top, wheel lip and wide sill moldings, rear window
defogger, sure grip rearend and High Impact FC7 Plum Crazy paint!!! The Duster has only 59k documented
original miles and has the original fender tag and 2 perfect factory
broadcast sheets (fully decoded). It also has a few added items like the Duster hood scoops, sharkstooth grill, white side
stripe and Go-Wing
spoiler, factory steel wheels and dog dishes with BFG tires. The stunning high gloss Plum Crazy base/clear
paint is awesome and will impress you even more in person!
The Duster was completely restored in 2008 and now I just finished a very light
freshen-up and check-over on the entire car. It has been featured in Mopar Muscle magazine
with complete history and story of the car as well as the cover car on the 2011
Mopar Nationals brochure. I have an
issue of the magazine, the Nats brochure, tons of photos through out the
restoration (even one with the original owner),
decoded fender tag, original owners manual and papers in the clear
plastic jacket, lots of receipts and a replica of the original window
sticker!!! The Duster was bought
new at Cline Chrysler in Southgate, Kentucky.
I have verified all of the body
numbers match on the radiator support, VIN tag, original door VIN decal and on
the speaker shelf/trunk divider area. You must check these numbers to authenticate
that it is correct.
There is a really cool detailed story with the Duster in the Mopar Muscle
magazine (5 page layout). It talkes
about the gentlemen that when first seen the car was able to track it down and
eventually purchase it from the original owner after years of wanting it and
then he completed the restoration of the car. It is a must read and an awesome
When doing a restoration
of this caliber takes a lot of time, patience and money to be done correctly.
Please understand this is not your average “driver” condition 1970 Duster! I typically restore and finish around 8 to 10
Mopars a year and have been working on them for more than 30 years. I do every one as if it were my own to keep.
I put a lot of time, effort, pride and money in the cars I offer for sale which
is evident when viewing one of my cars compared to others for sale. This is one of the few cars you can view in
person and say that it is actually nicer than the photos.
Please call Chad at 412- 496- 1439 with any questions. Thanks!
The body is in excellent shape and the panels are very straight with
excellent seems and panel fit. The super high-gloss deep clear coat shine was just
professionally wet sanded with 3000 and 5000 grit paper to achieve the high
caliber ultra shine finish. This long process alone took over 50 hours and the
finish shows it! The Dusters sheet metal is believed to
be mostly original as all the factory spot welds appear to be correct. The trunk floor, trunk extensions, floor
boards, rockers, fenders, hood, doors and frame rails are super clean and also appear
original. It has had the rear tail light
panel replaced as well as the very rear section of the passenger side
quarter panel. The Duster was painted in 2008
with PPG base coat/clear coat and is in unbelievable nice condition… it has
that deep wet look shine and looks like it was just out of the paint booth! If you think it looks good in the photos you
need to see it in person! The paint in
all the door jams and engine bay looks fantastic. Even the underside of the hood and trunk lid
are amazing!The doors open and close excellent with the
ease of a finger and even the door latches and strikers were cleaned, polished
and lubed.
The glass is in very good condition with only a few very minor marks. The front windshield is newer PPG glass and
in excellent shape. The rest of the
glass appears to be original date coded and in very nice shape. Even the rear glass is in very nice condition
and only has a few very minor scratches overall it is extremely nice for
factory glass. All windows and locks operate
as should. The front and rear bumpers are
re-chromed and look excellent! The
window trim is very clean and was polished for optimum shine. Just added is a brand new sharkestooth grill!!!
The interior has also been restored includind the seat covers, carpet,
trunk divider, speaker shelf, interior insulation, sill plates, restored
original floor console, dash cluster, door panels and arm rest pads. The dash cluster bezel is brand new but the
dash and instrument cluster are still original and look excellent! All factory gauges work and operate correctly.
All lighting works as should including
the high/low beams, dome light, tail lights, parking lights, turn signals,
four-way flashers, license plate light and even the cigar lighter works. The factory A.M. radio is also in working
condition. This is one of the nicest
factory dash harnesses I’ve seen. It is
super clean with no burns, cuts or hacked up add-ons at all. I always check and clean the fuse box and
many other wiring connections. All
heater/defroster cables are working and adjusted. The E-brake, defrosters, heater, fan, horn,
speedometer and dimmer switch all work as should.
The Duster has it’s all original numbers matching drivtrain! The excellent running 1970 318 was freshened
up and rebuilt in 2008 with a stock specs build. It still has the correct 2bbl. carb and
intake along with the factory exhaust manifolds. Added on was the excellent sounding dual
exhaust system with flowmaster mufflers and correct chrome Duster tips. It has very good performance, excellent cooling
and idles perfect!
The original numbers matching 904 transmission was also freshened up and
rebuilt in 2008 with stock specs. It
shifts beautiful and is excellent for cruising!
It has the original stock leaf springs with newer shocks that work great. The rear end is the original 7 ¼ with the
factory 2.76 suregrip differential. I
was told is was checked over and freshened up at the time of the resto. The front suspension was completely checked
over and has some newer parts like tie rods, pitman and idler arms, ball joints
and upper control arm bumpers. Just added was the new Borgeson Power Steering
Kit (P/S box, pump, lines and coupler). Please
look at the photos closely to see the amount of detail work that was done!
You can view 70 additional photos on my
shutterfly account. Copy and paste the
Temp and oil Sender
Headlight Switch
Engine Wiring Harness
Restored Steering Column and Coupler
Turn Signal Switch and Ignition Switch
New Gauge Cluster Bezel
Painted and Restored Complete Trunk
Restored Air Cleaner
Fuel Filter, Oil and Oil Filter (HP Zink oil)
Heater Hoses and Clamps
Upper & Lower Rad Hoses
Wiper Blades
Plugs, Wires, Coil, Cap and Rotor
Starter Relay
All Decals
Windshield washer bottle
Front Windshield
Re-chromed front and rear bumpers
Door handles and mirrors
All Interior items (as mentioned above)
Front and Rear Shocks
Fuel Pump
Fuel Lines and Brake Lines
Gas Tank and Sending Unit
Front End Alignment
Full Exhaust System and Chrome Tips
Alternator, Voltage Regulater and Resistor
Side Stripe and Trunk Stripe
Duster Floor Mat Set
Wiper Motor Restored
Master Cylinder
Aluminum Radiator with Factory Shroud
Borgeson Power Steering Kit (over $1,000 kit)
Door and Trunk Weatherstripping
Newer BFG Tires 205-70-14 front and 275-60-15 rear
Stock Front Wheels 14x5.5 and Modified 15x8 Rear
Distributor with Electronic Ignition
Positive and
Negative Battery Cables
New antifreeze
Complete Show Car Detail, Wet Sanding and Buffing
Please note there is a spare tire, trunk mat and jack to go with the car.
You won’t be disappointed with this beautiful restored 1970
Plymouth Duster. It’s an incredible
looking car, in beautiful condition and ready to drive and enjoy. Please take the time to look at the small
details of the restoration and you you’ll see how awesome this Duster is. If you have ever done a car to this caliber
then you will understand the amount of time,money and patience it takes to
restore a car to this condition!
I can assure you won’t find a nicer 1970 Duster of this
caliber for my asking price. I am not
interested in trades, sorry. Always feel
free to call me with any questions, I have no problem discussing this car in
complete detail with you and actually encourage you to do so. I purchased cars over the internet and I know
the concerns and can set you mind at ease.
I am critical and again will GLADLY discuss the car with you in complete
detail over the phone as long as you are a serious buyer with the funds to buy. Call [hidden information],
Chad. I am happy to
show the car to you, please call to arrange so if you wish or please hire a
third party inspection so there are no issues and you are sure it is exactly
what you want.
No Warranty, As-Is, Buyer Pays Shipping, Non-Refundable
$1000 Deposit (cash, money order, certified bank check or bank wire only) due
within 48 hours of winning bid. Buyer
must contact me within 24 hours of winning bid ([hidden information]) or the sale is
void and car re-sold. Final Payment (cash or bank wire only… any bank checks
MUST clear before vehicle is released). All
bank/certified checks take at least 10 business days to clear the bank, so I
highly recommend and prefer cash or bank wire transfers. Vehicle pick-up is due within two weeks of
deposit unless we come to a different written agreement. Failure to pick-up the vehicle within
designated time voids sale and forfeits deposit. Serious buyers only… please be sure you have
the funds to purchase… I can’t wait for your settlement to happen. We will leave feedback. I highly recommend
you view the car or hire a third party inspector. Again, I am happy to discuss the car in
complete detail. I can’t stress this
enough PLEASE CALL me I will answer all your questions honestly.
I reserve the right to end the auction early. I will sell to international buyers, ONLY
if you message me first and have a solid ebay rating!
Please note this sale shall be construed under and in
accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All parties agree that any disputes with
regard to the duties or obligations involving this sale shall only be presented
to the court of Common Pleas of Beaver County, Beaver, Pennsylvania and consent
to the jurisdiction of such court.

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