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1970 Dodge Coronet Used 383 MagnumL Automatic Gasoline Coupe

Sale price: $US 7,000.00
Last update: 15.11.2020
Car location: Paramus, New Jersey, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine:383 Magnum
Number of Cylinders:8
Disability Equipped:No
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Drive Type:RWD
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model:Super Bee
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:Burgundy
Vehicle Title:Clean
Options:CD Player
Body Type:Coupe
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

1970 coronet 500 for sale
i was in the process of piecing together a 1970 coronet 500 with the intentionsof upgrading it with all the super bee trimming. As this is my firstrestoration i am seeing how costly it is as well as how much space I needed tocomplete and I will unfortunately need to get rid of her.
i can provide additional pictures of anything but here are the details of thecar:
- body is finished in grey primer, with some body filler, very straight, butclose to done and can be prepped for painting easily depending on the level offinish you are looking for.(I was not budgeting for a trailer car but instead Iwanted a beautiful driver) if you want all new sheetmetal with no body fillerthere will be work needed.
- windows, windshield and rear window are out of car while I was awaiting paint..butall there.. USED AND FAIR CONDITION
- all chrome trim is there but needs to be put in once someone decides how theywant to finish the car.. the car has been awaiting paint
- all window hardware is there and functional but ROUGH AND could use some greasing tosmooth them over.-I have new windshield GASKET, window gaskets anddoor gaskets for the entire car
- front and back seats are black and in very good condition. the only tear inany of them is one seam tear in the front driver’s side seat (bucket seats)
- freshly re-chromed left bumper and rear bumper
- car is an automatic with a rebuilt 440 that needs tuning. DOES NOT RUN NOW...the car has beensitting for about 8.5 years so it needs MECHANICAL CHECK
- i put on a holley 650 double pumper to replace the 750 double pumper that wason the car (it was running to rich) both come with car
- i have the 2 front grills in complete condition and all headlight assemblies
- i have the super bee tail finish panel (in good condition) and super bee hoodornament
- i have new tires and rims all around (details below)- The breaks were done with replica stockpower brakes and front discs. Caliper,master cylinder, spindle, discs and pads are all new. Purchased from theRam-Man receipt details below. I kept all original parts that come with the caras well.- new front end suspension kit with all newrubber as well as plenty of Moog replacement parts that I didn’t need as I alsoused a PST upper control arm replacement kit (which came with its own rubber)
- it has a regular coronet hood with a non-stock hood scoop. looks like DavidFreiburger's
- i have put thousands in to getting parts and paid thousands for the body withthe engine.
- i have many other parts, nuts, bolts, tail-lights, extra set of wheels (forpaint), extra set of front bumper brackets, all light housings, extra powersteering pump, new wiper motor, extra fan motor, new fuel pressureregulator...and more
like i said...i don't expect to make all the money back i put into getting itall together, but would want some back.Please ask any questions, all sales are finaland buyer will assume responsibility for transportation to wherever they are inthe continental US.
thanks, MORE pictures are available upon request and would be willing to get on callif that works...just send me a pm with your e-mail ..thanksSome details of parts purchases: Description Unit price Qty Amount 20 Piece Rear Window Molding Clips for 68-70 Dodge Plymouth
$28.95 USD 1 $28.95 USD

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