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1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback

Sale price: $AU 15,500.00
Last update: 24.04.2021
Car location: Canungra Queensland, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:type 3
Body Type:Station Wagon
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive
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1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback photo 1

Owner description

Selling my 1969 Volkswagen Squareback,
I recently purchased this car out of a shed in Brisbane
where it had been for the past few years. Story goes that it was bought to be
restored from a VW wrecker down south. This was one of his prized cars he had
planned on restoring once he retired and the previous owner was able to pry it
from him.. The car sat for aprox 25 years. I have done my best to bring the car
back to a roadworthy standard without disturbing the original patina of the car
to much. I have decided to let the car go not entirely finished, for a
discounted rate.
The car is 1600 'L' which from what I understand was the
Luxury version, Having a Full automatic transmission and pop out rear windows.
I started with the car by getting it running again, Fuel
tank was removed, cleaned & New fuel filters and rubber lines were
installed front to rear on the car.
The original carburettors were warped so they were
replaced & rebuilt using full rebuild kits with much nicer original Solex
items. fuel pump was weeping so a new fuel pump was installed. New Coil,
Petronix electronic ignition distributor, spark plugs and leads were all done
at the same time. The exhaust and Heater tubes had Leaks and multiple patches,
So an EMPI Sports system was installed with new J pipes, The car has a nice
exhaust note.
This engine runs really nice, With Original gauges
showing 84,000 Miles. The car was originally a Sahara Beige, But at some point
the car was given a closed door respray in the Seafoam green you see on the car
today, Its a really cool old colour. I went about polishing and buffing the Old
lacquer paint bringing back the colour and shine. Stainless trim is original
and has dints but presents nice and matches in with the rest of the car
perfect. Paint on the underside/ wheel wells was well worn so they were sprayed
in Rustolem flat black to help protect a little bit.
Brakes are disc on front & drum rear. These were bled
up and a new set of front brakes pads will be included in the sale, The car
stops nicely. Transmission selects and shifts through gears smoothly and does
not rev out.
The interior has had a bit of a makeover also, Front door
cards were warped & had speakers in them at some point so they were
replaced & dyed in the original black, Carpets were also re-dyed at the
same time. Original black back seat is in good condition with no rips or
fading. Front drives seat has a small rip on top RH corner but overall presents
well. Dash pad does have some cracking & I would recommend
The car was still running old bias ply tyres so these were
replaced with new Thick pin whitewall tyres in a 155R15 radial tyre. they look
really nice and handle the road well. The rims were colour matched to suit the
faded seafoam green.
The car overall is predominately rust free hence the
reason the Original owner wanted to keep is as great candidate for restoration.
There is one small spot in the front passenger wheel well, This was can be cut
out and patched if agreement on price can be made, The floor pans are solid
with no holes & battery tray is solid with no rust whatsoever.
I have recepts for everything that has been spent on the
car since owning it and will be included in the sale
Things that need finishing for roadworthy.
Indicators and brake lights are not working.
Needs rust spot cut in front LH quarter.
Overall this would be a great summer cruiser or Promotion
for someone's business, Car comes with alot of spares, Happy to assist with freight Australia Wide.
Thank You,
Nick.0414 671 080

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