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1969 Pontiac Trans Am Used 400 Ram Air III V8L Manual Gasoline 400 Ram Air III, 4-speed, PHS, Gauge Stack, D80 Coupe

Sale price: $US 42,100.00
Last update: 30.07.2021
Car location: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine:400 Ram Air III V8
Model:Trans Am
Sub Model:400 Ram Air III, 4-speed, PHS, Gauge Stack, D80
Interior Color:Blue
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:White
Trim:400 Ram Air III, 4-speed, PHS, Gauge Stack, D80
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Coupe
Number of Cylinders:8
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
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1969 Pontiac Trans Am Used 400 Ram Air III V8L Manual Gasoline 400 Ram Air III, 4-speed, PHS, Gauge Stack, D80 Coupe photo 1
1969 Pontiac Trans Am Used 400 Ram Air III V8L Manual Gasoline 400 Ram Air III, 4-speed, PHS, Gauge Stack, D80 Coupe photo 21969 Pontiac Trans Am Used 400 Ram Air III V8L Manual Gasoline 400 Ram Air III, 4-speed, PHS, Gauge Stack, D80 Coupe photo 3

Owner description

Restore A Muscle Car | eBay Template
ModelTrans Am
Transmission type4 Speed Manual
Engine400 Ram Air III V8
Vin[hidden information]N[hidden information]
Vehicle Description
Stock Number: 990Click Here To View High Res Photos On FlickrFully Restore - Frame off, 1969 Trans AM. This is a rare hard to find 4 Speed Trans AM. Numbers Matching WQ Code Ram Air III engine. It is 1 of only 520 Ram Air III - 4 Speeds built. This combination pumped out a conservatively rated 335HP from the factory. These are highly sought after and a great addition to any collection.1969 Trans Am PHS Documented
64,698 Original Miles
WQ Code 400 - Ram Air III
- Numbers Matching Engine
4 Speed Manual Transmission
1 of 520 Ram Air III 4 speeds
D80 Code on Cowl Data Plate
Nicely Detailed Engine Compartment
Heads - Ram Air III
Factory Cast Performance Exhaust Manifolds
Rated at a conservative 335hp
Standard Blue Interior in great condition
Factory Tachometer and Gauge Stack
Original Panel Car
Factory Steel Hood with Ram Air Pans
Correct 14" Rally II Wheels
Runs very strong and shifts smoothFinancing Available - Low Rates We take TradesWe help make shipping easy - We can help you book quick and safe transport of your Newly Purchased Vehicle!We are always looking for Low Mileage, Original Condition Classic and Modern Muscle Cars. Send us a message with your contact information and the details of what you have to sell. One of our Purchasing Staff will get back to your promptly.We can also make selling your car fast, smooth and simple. Our consignment program is designed to get your car seen by the right people. We have the tools and know-how to turn your car into cash. Contact us for more details.
Seller Info
Restore a Muscle Car is a full service
restoration shop that specializes in classic auto restoration. Currently there
are over 25 technicians working here on clients cars from all over the world.
We are a one stop shop that can address every facet of auto restoration
including drive line, interior, body/paint, wiring, etc. We not only restore
vehicles back to stock but also build some of the Highest Performance
Pro-Touring vehicles available anywhere.
Upgrades can include, but are not limited to, fuel injection, adding AC
Systems, Disc Brakes, Turbos, Super Chargers, Chassis and Suspension Upgrades,
Mini-Tubs and Body Mods, etc. We are here to help with as little or as much as
you need on your old or new car. Checkout our feedback and eBay store for
additional products and services!
Both open or enclosed carrier shipping is available. We can assist in arranging delivery of the
vehicle anywhere in the world. The buyer is responsible for all shipping
charges, but we can help by passing along to you the wholesale rates we get for
Terms of Sale
We are a Licensed Nebraska auto dealer. We do not charge
admin or processing fees like many dealers do. So the price you see is
the price you pay. We want serious
buyers and will work hard to make this a smooth and pleasant experience. So
please approach this transaction with the same commitment as we have. A non-refundable $500.00 deposit it required
immediately (within 12 hours) of making a Vehicle purchase or winning an
Auction. The balance is due within 3 Business Days. Wire transfer
is the most common method of payment. It is fast, efficient and safe.
Cash in person is an option as well as Cashier's Checks from you Bank.
All funds must clear before you pick up your vehicle. This is your
responsibility. These are auctions and listings to purchase, not window
shop. Do your homework and ask questions ahead of time, not after you
have made a purchase. Bid to WIN! Please
email or call us with all your questions or picture needs. We want you to be confident in knowing what
you are purchasing. Be sure and look at
the Hi-Resolution photos at the Flickr link provided.
Contact Us
Please contact us if you have any questions via phone: [hidden information] daytime, [hidden information] evenings/weekend. Or eBay messaging!

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2017 Pontiac Trans Am

2017 Pontiac Trans Am in Miami, Florida, United States
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1978 Pontiac Trans Am in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
price US $9,100.00
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