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1969 Plymouth GTX Used Manual

Sale price: $US 169,900.00
Last update: 19.07.2020
Car location: Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Interior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

This is an all
numbers matching car; all body #’s,
dash, rad support, trunk lip, motor sn#, trans sn# all match. This
car came with many options such as: air
grabber hood, buckets, console, vinyl top, turn signal indictors, am/fm radio,
rear speaker, rear defog, tach, dual side mirrors, tinted glass all around,
bumper guards, light group package.
This is a very original car with one older repaint & engine
bay detailed with complete drive train & suspension rebuilt. All done back in 1988 with 29,000 orig miles
and still looks amazing and runs like new with 33,000 orig miles. The motor was rebuilt with NOS parts, NOS
solid lifter cam shaft, NOS pistons, original crank is standard standard. All parts on motor are from this car from
new such as: original carbs with tags,
original intake, exhaust manifolds, air grabber, air cleaner, vacuum solenoids,
choke, dual point distributor, wires & radiator, still has orig exhaust
pipes & rear resiginators with newer mufflers. This was not a rotisserie restoration but a
nice original car that was very nicely painted and gone through. The underside still has the original
undercoating and still looks great. The
paint still looks amazing for 32 years old, it has one chip on driver’s door
that is covered with a bullet hole decal, for what it’s worth I think it adds
character and patina for 32 year old paint.
It is smooth & straight with a few imperfections, it was painted in
single stage old enamel like factory and wet sanded & polished smooth like
glass. This was a very clean body with
all orig panels & quarter panels with the exception of a new trunk pan
which is the only sheet metal replaced on the car. All the chrome, trim & grill are original
& in mint shape for its age. Original vinyl top car in mint condition.
The interior is very nice & original except for reproduction carpet
& door panels, the seats are original & in very nice shape with a
couple of minor splits. The car has Croker
bias redline F70-15 tires with the steel rims & dog dish hub caps. The car runs & drives awesome with the power
of a HEMI Elephant. The trans shifts
like a new A33 HEMI 4 spd. The only
thing I changed on the motor was a electronic ignition which makes the car purr
like an elephant. I have the original
dual point distributor and plug wires that are included with the car.
I have Galen Govier document & window sticker sold
new for $4806.00.
This is not a fire sale, I do not need the money, I just want the car
to go to a good home, this car has always been stored in a heated climate
control garage. This car gets driven
& sees allot of local car shows.
This is not a trailer queen – it’s a very nice reliable
You can drive this car anywhere & never runs
If you are serious
about this very rare HEMI car & have any questions contact me at
1-[hidden information].
This car is Winnipeg,
Manitoba Canada. Buyer is responsible
for transportation, shipping, etc, etc or to hire a brokers shipping
Thanks for looking,

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