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1969 Mercury Cougar Used

Sale price: $US 28,950.00
Last update: 17.07.2021
Car location: Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“This Car is In Very Good Condition! We Have Videos Of Her Running We Can Text You 203-592-2478 Or Send Us Your Email Address And We Will Email Them To You. Additional Pictures On Our Website”
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1969 Mercury Cougar Used photo 1
1969 Mercury Cougar Used photo 21969 Mercury Cougar Used photo 3

Owner description

Classic And Specialty Cars Are Shown by
Appointment Only. Please Do Not Just Show Up At The Dealership Without An
Appointment As The Vehicles Are Not At The Dealership. Please Call [hidden information]
For An Appointment To See The Car. We Have Videos Of The Car Running We Can
Text [hidden information] Or Send Us Your Email Address So We Can Email Them To You. Additional Pictures On Our Website Thank You.
You Are Looking At A
1969 Mercury Cougar With Just 67,751 Miles! The 351 2V Windsor Runs Excellent.
The Engine Is Nice And Original With No Evedent Modifications. The Automatic
Transmission Shifts Great With No Chatter Or Slippage! This Car Is Ready For
The Power
Convertible Top Works Great With No Issues Opening Or Closing! The Top Is In
Excellent Condition With No Holes Or Damage!
The Body Paint Are Also In Very Good Condition. This Is Not A Wavy Bondo
Filled Car! Look At The Pictures This
Car Was Definitely Garage Kept!
The Interior Is
Also In Good Condition! The Leather Seats, Rugs, Dash Door Panels Etc Are All
Is Great Condition! The Tachometer, Temp Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, Amps Gauge
And Speedometer Are All Working As They Should! The Only Gauge Not Working Is
The Gas Gauge. The Front Power Windows Are Working However The Rear Small Ones Are Not. They Were Working When We Got The Car But Just Stopped Working. The Wiper’s Are Working As They Should. The Blower Motor Is
Working Properly As Is The Heat. The Ac Components Are All There But The AC
Blows Luke Warm And Will Need A Charge. All Exterior Lights Are Working
Including Sequential Tail Lights And Flip Up Headlights Which Are Prone To
Whoever Buys This
Car Will Not Be Disappointed! Its Getting Harder And Harder To Find XR-7
Cougars In This Condition! We Have Walk Around Videos Of The Car I Can Text
[hidden information] Or Send Us Your Email Address And We Will Email Them To You!
We Are Selling This
Car As Is No Warranty. Sorry It Is 52 Years Old! We Reserve The Right To End
The Auction Early As It Is For Sale Locally. We Have A Arkansas Title And
Bill Of Sale. A $500 Non Refundable Deposit Is Due At Auctions End. We Will Not
Refund Your Deposit If You Change Your Mind, Your Spouse Wont Let You Buy It,
Your Dog Ate Your Money, You Accidentally Hit Buy It Now (Impossible As Other
Steps However People Have Tried To Say It Happened Despite Having Many More
Steps To Send The Deposit) Etc... Sorry Ebay Does Not Refund Listing Fees. If
You Make A Offer We Will Automatically Decline The Offer As If We Accept It
Will End Our Auction Without Giving Us A Deposit. If We Accept Your Offer We
Will Change The Buy It Now To Your Offer After Declining It. Sorry This Is The
Only Way To Protect Ourselves Form Non Paying Buyers. Shipping Is The Buyers
Responsibility. We Will Assist Your Shipper The Best We Can. If You Do Not Have
A Shipper We Can Refer One. Final Payment Due Within 3 Business Days. We Accept
Bank Checks ( Out Of State Bank Checks Can Take Up To 10 Business Days To Clear)
Wire Transfers (Clear The Same Day) And Cash In Person. Good Luck Bidding

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