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1969 Ford Bronco Used SUV 302ci V8L Manual Gasoline 1969 Bronco Uncut 302, 3 speed, Recent Repaint, New Upholstery

Sale price: $US 18,100.00
Last update: 1.12.2020
Car location: Granite Falls, Washington, United States
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Body Type:SUV
Drive Type:4WD
Engine:302ci V8
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:Gold
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Trim:1969 Bronco Uncut 302, 3 speed, Recent Repaint, New Upholstery
Interior Color:Tan
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Copper
Manufacturer Interior Color:Parchment
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Mike Lattin
[hidden information]
10909 Mountain Loop Hwy
Granite Falls Washington 98252
1969 Copper Ford Bronco
Vehicle Information
Manual 3-speed
302ci V8
1969 Bronco​
​Hard To Find Un-Cut ExampleBeautiful Copper PaintGorgeous New UpholsteryExcellent Running 302Crisp Shifting 3 Speed Transmission2 1/2" Suspension LiftBrand New 15" Indy 5-Slot MagsBrand New 31 10.50 Tires​This is a really fun Bronco. So many have seen their wheel wells cut, factory seating replaced, hard tops rust off. Not that the modified Broncos do not have their place, but its refreshing to see what the breed started out. This one has some 'day two' modifications like the 2 1/2" suspension lift and 'Mag' wheels with 'big for the day' 31" tires. Overall, this would be what you would find on dealer lots in the late 60's & early 70's. Just a couple of modifications on a very driveable car.​This Bronco has survived quite well in Western Washington thanks to the lack of road salts. The body was recently repainted in a take off of the original 'Cordova'. The paint laid down nicely and presents quite well. The body panels all appear to be original with the exception of the tail gate that was replaced with a new high quality reproduction. Still lurking outback are the original un-cut quarter panels. The panels line up nicely, especially for a Bronco.​Inside the original seats have been re-upholstered and look great. New door panels and headliner were installed as well. The factory floor mat has some tears but it was too cool to replace.​Under the hood the 302 runs excellent. It fires up easily and performs nicely. The 3 speed transmission shifts quite well. The clutch does have the typical Bronco 'shudder' but works fine.​The floor pans are original and overall are solid. There was an older repair on the drivers floor and front of the driver's rockerthat wasn't done properly and at some point deserves to be done with the proper reproduction metal. It is solid though and works fine as is.​The suspension was upgraded with a Duff 2 1/2" suspension kit from James Duff. The kit is quite nice with a comfortable ride and a great feel on the road. The kit gives just enough lift to comfortably fit the 31 x 10.50 x 15" All Terrain Tires mounted on 15 x 8" US Mags Indy wheels.​The electrical system functions properly. The headlights, turn signals, brakes lights, license plate light and even the back-up lights work properly. In a very rare occurrenceall of the dash gauges work properly including the gas gauges and switch for both tanks. The heater works nicely and provides plenty of heat & defogging capabilities for a Pacific Northwest winter, hard to believe but I just came back from a soggy test drive dry, warm and with clear windows. The windshield wipers work properly and kept up with a very wet winter deluge on the highway.​​​​​For Transport We recommend Mike's Discount Auto Transport. They have some of the best pricing and customer service in the industry. Call them at [hidden information] for a quote.​​​​​​​VIN: U15GLE96864​For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.
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1969 Bronco​​Hard To Find Un-Cut ExampleBeautiful Copper PaintGorgeous New UpholsteryExcellent Running 302Crisp Shifting 3 Speed Transmission2 1/2" Suspension LiftBrand New 15" Indy 5-Slot MagsBrand New 31 10.50 Tires​This is a really fun Bronco. So many have seen their wheel wells cut, factory seating replaced, hard tops rust off. Not that the modified Broncos do not have their place, but its refreshing to see what the breed started out. This one has some 'day two' modifications like the 2 1/2" suspension li

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