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1966 Gmc Other Used

Sale price: $US 21,100.00
Last update: 1.11.2021
Car location: Wichita, Kansas, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“This is a 1966 GMC, frame-off restored. Over $80,000 was spent in restoration!”
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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

This is a 1966 GMC pickup. It is a frame-off restoration and no money was spared in the restoration! Everything down to the smallest of bolts has been changed out for new. I have a folder with over $75,000 in receipts.The motor receipt is $9,121.51. The transmission receipt is $2,174.72. I have included receipts for both of those with the pictures so you can see what all has been done.It has a Chevy big block 496 cu. inch, with aluminum Brodix heads, which were flow-tested to match intake. The transmission is a 700R4 with 2,500 stall converter. 12 bolt rear-end Eaton lockers. Balanced drive-shaft, disc brakes on front wheels and drum brakes on rear.It has p/s, p/b, AC/heat work well. Bluetooth radio that looks like an old radio. It has a full set of Classic Instruments and very nice custom interior. The gas tank has been moved to the rear. The truck runs and drives good, and has 2,059 miles on it since the restoration. This truck has been driven approx 300 miles in the last week. It runs & drives good. It does have a couple of small chips in the paint from driving it, but nothing serious.
This truck is being relisted because the high bidder from the first time I listed it didn't come through with the payment.
I'm selling this at No Reserve, so don't bid if you aren't willing to pay. There is NO Buy It Now - No I will not pull it off early. Highest bidder wins.
If you have less than a 5 rating, I'll be contacting you to make sure your bid is serious.
I am a dealer in the state of Kansas. If the winning bidder is a resident of the state of KS, I am required by law to collect tax (7.5%).
Buyer is responsible for shipping. Deposit of $500 is due within 2 days. Balance is due within 7 days, unless other arrangements with me have been made. Balance can not be paid through PayPal.
You are welcome to call me with questions or set up an appt to come see it in person, Larry [hidden information]. I am in Central Standard Time. Please call between 9am and 9pm CST.
On Oct-16-21 at 17:53:58 PDT, seller added the following information:The VIN was entered incorrectly in the listing, but I'm unable to go in and correct it. So, I'm adding the correct VIN here: 1002PD5704A.

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