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1966 Gmc Handi-Van Used missingL Manual Gasoline 613DB SWB 90" Van

Sale price: $US 698.00
Last update: 17.07.2021
Car location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Number of Cylinders:6
Sub Model:Short Wheel Base 90"
Disability Equipped:No
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Blue
Exterior Color:521CD
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:SWB 90" Van
Vehicle Title:Clean
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“been off the road for many yrs, used lightly as service truck till the 80s... video link included.”
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1966 Gmc Handi-Van Used missingL Manual Gasoline 613DB SWB 90" Van photo 1
1966 Gmc Handi-Van Used missingL Manual Gasoline 613DB SWB 90" Van photo 21966 Gmc Handi-Van Used missingL Manual Gasoline 613DB SWB 90" Van photo 3

Owner description

1966 GMC
Cargo work van
90" SWB roller
AZ desert survivor
NO NO NO RESERVE on it to win !
There are so many ways to build this car as long as you
do it well, its a win win situation for everyone. Back to stock?
Restomod ? Ratrod ?We suggest viewing our auction on normal large monitors
and or tablet to get the most out of our large easy to view pics.
Desert Survivor being sold by a very legit Ebay seller
If you have any concerns about our vehicle, please ask or dont
bid on it.
FEEDBACK !!! if you cant take 10 min to read thru our feedback
on the cars we have sold here over the last 10 yrs, then you also
shouldnt be bidding on our auctions. Ebay offers our Feedback rating
for a reason.
First let me say, not many of the 90" SWB models of these where
made, and very few are left. Maybe a handful.
This Handi-Van is RARE and Az has been very nice to the metal over
the last 50+ yrs. MUCH MORE DETAILS BELOW
With a few mods done for its work capacity over the yrs, windows etc
its a very original body for the most part, with minimal rust or rot.
READ ON for more info:
Excellent Investment / Clean Clear Arizona TitleIf you have under 10 feedbacks, Ill be emailing you if you bid to
make sure you are legit, if we do please reply or we will cancel your bid.
Up for Auction: I wont end it early, sorry.
DRIVETRAIN: under the hood, inside the cab
and lift the cover, between the seats and youll notice
right away.. the engine and trans are long gone. Was originally
a straight 6 with a 3 on the tree.
Ready for whatever you want to transplant in the rust free body.
INTERIOR: take a look at pics, pretty much dry vinyl
and old front dr seat, dash cluster and thats pretty much
all thats inside. (SEE PICS) Also lacking inside is any rust
or rot from the inside or out...other then maybe some
surface rust. Doors all open and close, but a few of the
outter handles I think are broken. The only place I could
see obvious rust on the floors was at the very front pans
just under the ft dash area. Prob had rubber floormats
at one time which kept in some moisture over many yrs.
This Vans never been in the rust belt or seen salt roads.EXTERIOR:you are seeing what the AZ sun can do to
a paint. I think the original color was Orange, but was
painted white w/ a black scallop back in the 70s. The body
itself is pretty rot free. I found rust on the pass side lower
doors and lower RF fender. SEE PICS BELOW.
There are a few dents around It from age, but no signs from past major repairs etc. Drain rail gutters on top are SOLID. Very
bare bones builder, but thats the best part and these are
in high demand these days. Think all the glass is good up
front on the doors and windshield.
SUSPENSION:the suspension looks pretty much like the way
it came from the factory and complete. Ride height looks to have never been altered. Tires will hold air when its ready
to ship. Rims dont match up, but think any small car GM
wheels will fit the 5 lug pattern. I Have some old 15x10
Billet PRIME wheels for sale if the winner is interested
in them.Check out ALL 100+ the pics below ----->it may take a full minute for them all to load ifyou have a slow connection, so be patient AND looks for the extra scrollbar on the right side.
Az gets maybe 12" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate. more infoAFTER the pics etc. There are 60 large pics below __>>
Probably The BEST represented Vans on Ebay.
Shows you all the good as well as any bad.
We put a lot of time and effort in marketing our cars.People wait months for a car this solid to come up for sale. IT ONLY MAKES SENSE TO PAY A LITTLE MORE NOW ON SHIPPING so your NOT PAYING MUCH MORE IN RUST REPAIRS ON A Rust Bucket. Yes, it has rust, but not eastcoast yrs of rot. This is whats called smart economics.
Also, if you buy a car thats been "restored", who knows what surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating. People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs are fast, for a quick buck and quality suffers.
Email us with ANY questions before you bid please
Our Impeccable FEEDBACK speaks for itself. We show you asmuch feasibly possible via pics.
Dont let auctions withlittle to no pics fool you.
If they cant take pics of areas under the car they are
selling, maybe its not the best car to buy long distance, and you really dont know what to expect
until you take the car apart. While we go over our carswith great pics to help making your decision easier.Along with ANY other questions you may have.
Email me for a quote for shipping.
ARIZONA TITLE IN HAND and as mentioned up
Keep in mind, this is a project, but well worth doing.
BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL from any angle :)
CAR should BE PICKED UP WITHIN 6-10 daysof auctions end (depending on weather of course)
we'd prefer to no longer store cars for a month or so
Unless other arrangements have been made prior to
auctions end. We can help with shipping outside the
USA too if you need help. Roller tires will be on it
by the time its ready to transport.
Rolls and Steers for now, INOP for shipping
This car, youcan seeclearly whatto expect with no surprises and our Feedback speaks for itself.
IF you need a shipping quote, just email us with your city/state and Ill find out our best quote for you !!
No problem helping it to the docks if you are shipping overseas
If there is a winner, please CONTACT me when the auction ends
and say Hi and we can take it from there.
A great way to contact us is thru ebay - or below - or you
can email us for your PH #
( no excuses, please.PAY IN FULL via Paypal, sure no problem, but we add our
3% service fee for the service. IF You have the ZELLE app
on your phone, you can send funds that way too.
Bank Wires work fine too ! prompt esp if you are out of the country
because they always seem to take longer then expected.
I bank with B of A which makes things easy for many out of
state for payment. direct depositor Cashier checks
If you wire the funds we must add a $50 fee that our bank charges us.
must clear before car can move. Its a sign of the times, sorry.
IF RESERVES NOT MET, email us anyway maybe we can work
out a deal after it endsMust be paid within 3 days.

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Watch video: 1966 GMC Handi Bus Restomod Project

Get more info about the 1966 Gmc Handi-Van Used missingL Manual Gasoline 613DB SWB 90" Van. Watch useful videos about such car.
1966 GMC Handi Bus Restomod Project Builder: samsvan Build Thread:

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