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1965 AMC Rambler

Sale price: $US 3,153.00
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: Great Bend, Kansas, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

1965 AMC Rambler Ambassador cross country 990. That is a lot of names for 1 car - but keep in mind - this is a lot of car!
You will have the only one in town. LS Swap?
I know the term gets thrown around a lot, but this one is a true barn find. The previous owner used this during college, at Wichita State, and then left for Vietnam afterwards, and it got parked in the shed - about 1972. He was fortunate enough to return from the war, and told me this himself. Upon returning - he purchased a new car, and this remained in a barn on the family farm. Flash forward 50 years - they are cleaning out and selling the family farm, and I was lucky enough to be around shortly after they pulled it out.
So -barn finds are definitely a lot of fun, but also a lot of work - after 50 years, the dust was an inch thick, tires were dry rotted flat, and the mice had made themselves comfortable. I have done much of the initial hard, dirty work, to get it to a point of seeing exactly what is there, and it is really pretty cool.
This thing is very straight and basically rust free - floor pans are like new. I actually found building instructions under the carpet in the back seat, still dry and legible. The car has 85K miles, and looks like an 85K mile car you would see today - the bumpers do need a little work, but overall very straight. First I got a set of brand new 14" tires and had them mounted, so it would at least roll. Then we drained and refilled all the fluids, and fired the engine. The engine runs, quietly with no strange noises, but it does have a miss, and smokes some. I'm guessing a stuck piston ring? It seems to get better, though, the more it is run. We flushed out the gas tank, but it still needs some attention, and could be part of the smoke. This was a highly optioned car with power brakes, power steering, 327 V8, air conditioning, power windows, etc. - all work except A/C, as it needs charged up. Transmission shifts fine - brakes still need some bleeding to be safe. All the glass is perfect, as it has been out of the weather. The seats still look pretty good, I ordered a new carpet kit that should arrive any day, and goes with the car. I think the engine should be a pretty easy fix, but I didn't go any further because I thought this might also be a good candidate for an LS swap.
Whatever you do with this, it's going to be a lot of fun. Everyone turning their head, and asking what it is. A very solid, straight, clean, start to a project.
This car is being sold on a State of Kansas Dept. of revenue, antique bill of sale. If this is a problem in your state, I will get you a clear Kansas title in my name, I only ask that you cover my expense (200.00) and understand it takes roughly 30 days. Please check my feedback, you will see I do what I say I will do. I am fine with this car sitting here while you arrange transportation, as long as it is paid for, and I will load, or help load free of charge. Please understand that this is a project that hasn't been driven (other than around the shop) for 50 years. I included a YouTube link ( to a video of it running, and realized I called it a Studebaker. I think I have a soft spot for all the old orphan cars! Please call or text Cort at [hidden information] with questions. Thanks, and good luck!

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