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1958 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Used Gasoline Standard Passenger Van deluxe according to japanese tag Manual vw 1600L

Sale price: $US 22,900.00
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: Carlsbad, California, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:Standard Passenger Van
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Trim:deluxe according to japanese tag
Exterior Color:Green
Disability Equipped:No
Number of Cylinders:4
Vehicle Title:Clean
Engine:vw 1600
Drive Type:RWD
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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

I own a part of history...
This Transporter was shipped new to Tokyo... then to Europe Then Woodstock NY...then California...
If you search Glinda VW Transporter there are 8 viral videos about this Bus....
It has its original Beads that spell out Glinda...
Safari factory equipped.. factory heater...Factory hand crank bus etc...
The bus sat in New Mexico where the original hippies ended up then current hippie documented it and restored for an OG adventure over the Rockies to California...After the adventure it was sold then i bought it about 9 years has been stored since...Started prepping it for use then covid hit and it has not been touched since....
I have decided to sell it as is...I have original birth certificate
it is running .. (needs gas tank pulled and cleaned)all lights work ..Needs brakes rolls andwill need to be towed
Bought new old stock Koni shocks and put a nice oem 1960 bumper set on it...I have not found an original nice pressed bumper set for it...
I have it titled here in California...and have California Plate.. just have not put on
It was built on April 14 1958 and delivered to Okinawa Japan April 18Chassis 345 609Model 221...Microbus with barn doors on the rightColoris most desired L 311 Sand Green/Roof L 312 Palm GreenUpholsteryLime GreenExtra Options M 139 Sealed-Beam Head Lamps with red lenses tail lampsM 375 US package (Safari windows included in that pkg)The bus was shipped new to Japan..I believe only a handful were shipped to Japan...Likely was an American GI...It has import tag (in engine compartment) from Yanase Automotive (see last photo) listed asModel... DeluxeChassis 345 609Engine no. .. 230 8457Delivery date June - 1958 (I assume it was held 2 months before delivery)Yanase Car number DVE-2042
Body Number behind passenger seat matches as well as engine compartment tag....The Japanese Plaque gives the original engine number...motor in it is a 1600 not original 1200
here are videos of it from a few years ago... by two bus experts on 9.26.2021The right dog leg has cracking bondo, the right outer rocker is missing, the lower front nose is dented and the rear is dented, decklid and corners.Underneath the front and rear cross members need replacement and there looks like a patch on the frame near the rear left wheel.It has the wrong bumpers (but nice 1960 bumpers)and no rear seats or original panels.Needs both doglegs, outriggers, frame work front lower balance, front floor, cargo floor (12 inches) on both sides. Right rocker is missing. Long panel (left) outer rockerIt is a good bus. With the right parts and repairs it would be a great bus.Pluses is that it is a original pressed bumper bus with factory safaris.Also has the desired palm green/sand green colorthe description was by a gentleman who has restored 20 busses.. he wanted to do a nut and bolt resto.. I believe preservation over restoration..just want whoever ends up with Glinda he happy....Sold as is where is..... happy bidding

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