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1952 Willys

Sale price: $US 2,800.00
Last update: 30.06.2021
Car location: Somerville, Texas, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:M38-A1 Jeep
:“Intact and running.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

For sale is a great piece of American History - an early version M38-A1 manufactured in 1952 (titled as a 1953) Willys Jeep. This was the first year of the round-fendered Jeep that would later become the CJ-5. I acquired this in a lot with several other civilian Jeeps - selling to make room and help pay for those projects.
Vehicle has early nomenclature such as hinged grill and 45 degree welds in front fenders, etc. Body has no major rust including none in floor pans or tool box. Engine runs, but rough due to timing/electrical; previous owner started a 12v conversion that is incomplete. Brakes operate but are weak. Transmission and transfer case operate normally. Wheels have been sandblasted, primed and painted with OD. Original speedometer not shown in photo but is included. Some military stenciling still visible under hood. Great project vehicle or ranch buggy with a little work. Questions welcome and will be answered as quickly as possible. Additional photos provided upon request.
Clear Texas title (blue). Sold as is, where is.

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