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1952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon

Sale price: $US 2,500.00
Last update: 14.04.2021
Car location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Wagon
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1952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 1
1952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 21952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 31952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 41952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 51952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 61952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 71952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 81952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 91952 Chevrolet ambulance Used Wagon photo 10

Owner description

1952 Chevy Ambulance
Forsale byIRON CITY GARAGEPittsburgh PA
1951 Chevrolet Ambulance, Bodied by the "barnette" coach company
Runs and drives
Good title
Has rust in floors, nothing special just flat sheet metal
really cool car, would be one of a kind LS Swap
Farm fresh from Nebraska Hand picked by Iron City Garage
Please ask your wife before you bid not after, I beg everyone to respect my sale and please do not waste anyones time bidding if your not going to follow through with the transaction, Unfortunately that happens alot on ebay
Can deliver anywhere, message for shipping quote
Over seas buyers are welcome Call text or whatsapp patina Pete at [hidden information]
All sales are final, If you win the vehicle is yours! Ask questions, ask for photos. Everyone has an opinion as to what a vehicle definition of a restoration will be different than yours or your neighbors, I let everyone be their own judge, my pictures are worth 1000 words so please just ask for more photos if you need them and I will be happy to send them
If you have 0 feedback your bid will be canceled if you do not call first
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