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1949 Ford F-100 Used Automatic

Sale price: $US 49,900.00
Last update: 27.10.2020
Car location: Akron, Ohio, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Collection Auto Gallery and thank you for your time in advance. Collection Auto Gallery is the premier Sports
and Luxury automotive dealership in the Northeast. We invite you to stop by or shop online at
our boutique-style dealership anytime. Whether
in search of a rare Exotic Sports Car, bespoke Luxury Automobile or
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No fancy Marketing Templates to take your eye off the quality of the
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imperfections (Yes it’s unbelievable and common if you just pay
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less. You will work directly with one of
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Get to know more about our
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Should you
have further questions or just want to get to know us, don't hesitate to reach
out anytime.
Collection Auto Gallery
McPhie (President)
[hidden information]
(under construction from Oct 1 – Oct 31)
or Text: [hidden information]
Jack’s Speedshop 1949 Ford F1 | Ford Performance FI 429ci.
Hello and thank you for your time looking at our Jack’s
Speedshop 1949 Ford F1. I purchased this
truck originally to resell almost a year and a half ago for the dealership. As soon as the truck hit the ground from the
transporter that all went out the window.
I was absolutely blown away with the build details and decided to keep
the truck for myself and my collection.
I have put almost 1000 miles on the truck since purchase with little to
no maintenance. Literally, I installed a
new Optima battery, tuned the sound system, fluid changes and has never needed
a thing since. It is my understanding
that Jack loved this truck and was his baby.
You can tell by all the details that are so easily overlooked. My personal favorite, an Airhorn system that
will knock your socks off! Truly has
been one of the most fun vehicles I have owned.
Now, it’s time for someone else to enjoy as much as I did as I embark on
a new SEMA build for 2021. You must come see this truck for yourself to
believe it. Concierge
V.I.P., Broker Locator, Financing, Professional Detailing, Performance Shop,
National Transport, Delivery and Airport Pick-up available!
* Original 1949 F1 Patina (not faux finished)
* Custom build costing near $100k in labor &
* Complete Build Book w/Photos & Receipts
* Custom Pro-Touring 4-Link Chassis &
* Ford Performance 429ci Fuel Injected
* Holley Sniper Fi System
* C6 Automatic Transmission
* Ford 9” Differential
* 20 Detroit Steel Wheels
* Toyo Proxy Tires
* Complete Disc Brakes
* Complete JL BT Audio System
* Electronic Exhaust Cut-outs
* Leather Seats
* Alcantera Headliner
* LED Retro Lighting
* Optima Battery
* Classic Gauges
* MSD Ignition
* 3” Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust
* Earls Fuel System
There is way more build details that I can list, please Call anytime to
schedule an appointment to see this truck for yourself. Remember, we specialize in Concierge V.I.P., Broker Locator, Financing,
Professional Detailing, Performance Shop, National Transport, Delivery and
Airport Pick-up available!

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