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1937 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe Used

Sale price: $US 25,000.00
Last update: 20.10.2020
Car location: Stoughton, Massachusetts, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:5 Window Coupe
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“All Steel Custom 37 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe - Built 20 years ago, 2 1/2 Inch Chop Top Custom Suicide Doors ( poppers ) Power Windows AC and Heat Bluetooth late 60's 327 Mildly Built , turbo 350 automatic. Custom interior with back seat”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

1937 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe , Turns heads , You can just tell it was built right
Deep Gloss Black with Fully Custom BeigeInterior with Custom Back Seat best of everything available 20 years ago and current
Below work was done in the last 2 months
Brand new tires all around on the original Vintage Billet Wheels ( they are perfect )Brand new Holley 600 cfm carbBrand new Edelbrock chrome valve coversBrand new thermostatBrand new shorty plugsBrand new MSD coil, and 8mm wiresBrand new oil pan gasket and oil changeBrand new oil filter relocation hosesBrand new master cylinderBrand new rear main seal in motor and transmission sealBrand new oil pan and gasket transmission pan gasket and fuel pump gasketBrand new upgraded transmission mount when the tranny was out for rear mail sealBrand new master cylinderBrand new exhaust system hooked into the original Sanderson hugger headers w/ magnaflow magnapacks ( it has a bark )Brand new Flex Lite 3000cfm wave electric fan with thermostatcontrol ( runs 180-195 all day long )Brand new inspection sticker ( the car was jacked up and fully inspected ) has high low beam, directionals, wipers ,Brand new wipers blades ( the wipers work perfect no noises )Brand new stereo with bluetooth ( nice sound )
It has a late 60's 327 Chevy with Roller Cam and Roller rockers . the motor was built right ( no smoke no strange noises runs beautiful , has a 1967 Chevy Camaro front clip welded right with QA1 adjustable coil overs 450 lbs, the rear is lowered with blocks on a leaf spring suspension along with shocks, it has a bullet proof turbo 350 automatic along with power front disk brakes ( stops on a dime ) Southern Air and Heat , all lights work, I have the side covers to the hood I took them off for summer cruising
This is a all steel body in absolute beautiful condition no dents no rust anywhere top to bottom. custom 2 1/2 inch chop top along with custom suicide doors , completely one of a kind , 26,000 miles proves the car was built to show and drive
Power Steering - Power Front Disk Brakes - Power Windows - Air - Heat - Working Front Vent For Fresh Air - BlueTooth Stereo With CD - All Gauges- Burns Zero Oil Turbo 350 Automatic With Shift Kit
This is a serious looking street rod ( you will not see another like it ) The side panels are on the car now
The car was appraised for 70k several years ago and is insured through Haggerty at $ 60k ALL STEEL , you are welcome to have the car inspected , I can assure you when you put it on a lift the underneath looks like new , The body has no dings or dents , The car is a daily driver , The paint is beautiful , Complete Custom , doors open and close like new , all glass perfect ,
Please Note : the remote for the door poppers is missing (but) under the running board is 2 buttons that open both doors, the high pressure AC line came off due to the crimping from 20 years back , so it will need the line replaced and recharged , heat blows hot
This is a chance to own a very special beautiful Street Rod that is turn key and go, When you pull into a car meet with this car people can't take their eyes off it All inspections welcomed , It is priced to move , car is being advertisedlocally so I reserve the right to end the auction as well as if the right bid comes in
When I bought the car it was in the same condition when it was built nothing was ever touched, to make it into a daily driver is why I replaced everything listed ( I am a perfectionist when it comes to cars ) and wanted the car right and be able to drive anywhere, I am sure I am missing things that this car has
The following is what I know that the car could use or needs. I drive it daily
Up to a few months ago the ac blew cold but on a hot day 1 line to the compressor blew off ( old crimped hose ) I did not have it replaced as it is now cool in MA. All gaugesand lights work but seem to be off a little on speedometer and oil gaugeshows 7- 8 lbs psi at idle but pops right up when you gas it. Volt gaugetemp gaugeand fuel gaugework well. When I bought the car the seller lost the remote to door poppers but car can be opened with drivers and passenger door buttons under running board
It's eithergoing up on blocks for the winter or it will sell, Clear Ma Title , SERIOUS BUYERS PLEASE , Don't Hesitate 1 Of A Kind , Reason For Sale , Moving On

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